Sunday, May 18, 2014

Human Resource Development Best Practices: Part 1

Human Resource Development (HRD) Best Practices

In a early childhood program or day care center business, Human Resource Development is a very relevant topic to consider.

Employees (human capital or resources) are the programs greatest asset and one of the most significant stakeholders.  In order to improve the businesses effectiveness, Human Resource Development Best Practices must be strategically implemented. Providing opportunities for staff to learn and develop is at the heart of HRD.

There are many different disciplines that could be said to influence HRD such as; social science, psychology, sociology, arts, humanities and biology, but adult education seems to be the core discipline of HRD.

The Human Resource Development process starts with careful care and consideration for recruitment, interviewing and hiring.  Once an employee is hired, a well thought out and organized orientation should be in place.  Orientation is an important training opportunity that occurs when an the employee is hired and it sets the tone for the future performance goals of the employee.

During the orientation at my organization, the policies and procedures of the organization and job descriptions are reviewed in detail.  Once the employment begins, staff continue to undergo training and development.

Effective training can raise performance, improve morale and increase the organizations potential. Every effort should be made to ensure that training is affordable, if not free, convenient and most importantly relevant. More ...

Tina Oliver, M.Ed.

Training and Development Specialist
Networx LLC,
Early Childhood Training, Resource and Consulting

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