Friday, March 28, 2014

Legal Service - A Must Have for Business!

Legal Service - A Must Have for Business!

I continue to be baffled about business owners (both small and medium) who do not see the value in having an attorney and what's better a legal firm on your team...  When you are in business for a good length of time, it is inevitable that you WILL have a legal situation to occur.  It may be a serious situation or it may just be questions that you have, that when answered, will keep you from finding yourself or your business in a serious legal situation.

There is a company called Legal Shield that provides legal services for individuals and business owners.  I have been using this service for over 5 years.  I wish that I had known about the company 20 years ago when I first started my businesses.  I would have saved thousands of dollars.  Instead of paying $200-$400 per hour, I only pay $17 per month and I can call my attorney as much as I want to ask legal questions, have them look over legal documents and have them represent me in a legal matter, if needed.

If you would like more information about this service, watch this video and then call 1.800.844.96391.800.844.9639 ext. 4211.

T.Oliver M.Ed.
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