Sunday, March 30, 2014

Starting a Child Care Business - Chapter 7/8 Developing Your Team

Starting a Child Care Business - Chapter 7/8 Developing Your Team

It is extremely important that you develop a TEAM of masterminds to support you in your child care business.  Two very important members of your team are your attorney or law firm and your accountant.

It is very important to seek legal advise whenever you intend to start a new business venture. Let them know what you are trying to accomplish and let them lead you legally into the right direction. Please read my previous post on Legal Service Membership.

Your accountant, along with your attorney, should be a major part of your team. Meet with your accounted as soon as you are done speaking with your attorney. Pay your accountant to sit down with you and discuss what your business goals are and they should be able to map out what your path should be. Accountants, like attorneys charge by the hour so make sure to have your questions written down ahead of time and take good notes. If you have to call them back later, they may charge you by the hour to review. When looking for a good accountant, make sure that they have other clients in your type of business and that they are familiar with all of the deductions that you are allowed to take. Read the post on Quickbooks University to find out how to save money on your accounting.  More...

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