Monday, October 27, 2014

What are Model Work Standards?

What are Model Work Standards?

If your goal is to have a high quality adult working environment, you want to use Model Work Standards in the administration of your business.  Whether you are in the child care business or some other industry, the ultimate success of your business is dependent upon the satisfaction of a group of your key stakeholders, your employees.

So how can we make sure that our employees are satisfied and that we are in fact running a high quality adult working environment?  Get staff involved by asking them to identify the needs for improvement and then make them part of the strategic planning process.

When I work with child care programs who are interested in improving the quality of their work environment, I put together a STRATEGIC PLANNING MEETING AROUND MODEL WORK STANDARDS.  Prior to this meeting, I will have staff complete a detailed survey. I then compile a list of possible goals from the results of the survey.  During our first meeting, staff will establish a voting system for selection of goals and prioritizing goals. We then create a one year action plan listing the goals, step for meeting the goals, and timeline.  This plan is then reviewed quarterly for progress.

In child care, a quality work environment means quality care for the children served, lower teacher turnover and higher quality teachers.

Tina Oliver, M.Ed.
Networx Early Childhood Training and Consulting Co.

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