Saturday, May 9, 2015

Business Acumen, pt 4

Everything is Related

In business, it is necessary for each person to perform specific roles and functions. Every business role is related to each other. For example, poor production and poor customer service will affect sales. Too many sales returns cost the company money, damaging the profits. Each aspect of the business relies on the others. Most people only focus on their specific roles, without considering how they affect the other departments. Looking at the big picture allows you to see how everything is related, and it begins with the leadership. The leadership of the company is responsible for the culture and values. These guide the other aspects of business, which are: operations and marketing, finance and governance, and information and people.
How to Relate:
·         Be Comprehensive: Monitor every area of the business to make sure each one is reaching their goals.
·         Be Balanced: Make sure that each area of the company is sustainable, and make adjustments as necessary.
·         Be Incorporated: Integrate every aspect of the business with the others. Show employees how they affect each other and the company as a whole.

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Tina Oliver, M.Ed.
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