Friday, April 18, 2014

Start a Child Care Business - Chapter 14 Curriculum

Start a Child Care Business - Chapter 14 Curriculum

The curriculum that you choose for your children will depend on the goals or mission of your center and your goals and philosophy about learning. Some feel that children learn best through play, some take a more structured approach to learning. Whatever curriculum you use, you must be sure that you address the cognitive, language, social, emotional, creative, physical and aesthetic skills.

You should decide if you will allow each teacher to decide on the curriculum for their classroom or if you want a center wide curriculum that teacher will follow. In both instances you should have each teacher write out a lesson plan each week which will map out, for your review, what he/she will be covering each day. Make supplies and resources available to your teachers so that they have choices. If you have internet access, allow teachers to do research for their lesson plans on the computer. It is also a good idea to have staff meetings at least once a month so that you can talk about what is and is not working in the classroom, among other things that are of concern in the center. More...

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